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    Step Inside London’s Felt Cornershop

    To view more photos and videos from Lucy’s Cornershop, explore the The Cornershop location page, browse the #thecornershop hashtag and follow @sewyoursoul on Instagram.

    Look closely at a corner shop in East London and you’ll see everything is not as it seems. The Cornershop, opened in a derelict store in Bethnal Green by artist Lucy Sparrow (@sewyoursoul), is actually an art installation which consists of 4,000 items all handmade from felt! From Heinz Baked Beans to Digestive Biscuits, everything in the shop is hand-stitched and the whole shop took Lucy eight months to assemble.

    “I wanted to create something that surrounded people completely,” says Lucy, whose first job was in her local corner shop. “I hope this project reminds people just how much the cornershop cements life in local communities.” The installation runs until August 31.

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    Heath Ledger by Anthony Mandler for Flaunt #38, 2002

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    only art students/art enthusiasts will get how cool this watch is

    literally everyone knows who salvador dali is

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    Una edecán del Metro da indicaciones por el sistema de sonido, poco después de la entrada en funcionamiento de la línea 1 en 1969. Se aprecia uno de los “paraguas” de concreto de la estación Candelaria, diseñada por Félix Candela.

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    oh, I’d made ​​friends with Damon… ;)


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