1. one giant gutter in outer space

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  2. -truedetective:

    Rust + his leather jacket (requested by anonymous)

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  5. ohyeahtruedetective:

    Who Goes There

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  7. who-:

    Bleeding is an incredibly eye-catching sand sculpture by Québec City-based artist Guy-Olivier Deveau that features a resting head boasting undeniably surreal elements. Rather than depicting a calming, serene scene of a giant, slumbering head, the piece focuses on an open-mouthed man’s head, seemingly screaming, lying on its side with one half of his face eerily distorted.

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  8. Through the 21 years of Blur

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  9. viziers:


    “Togetherness is a warm tub: Adults and children crowd a small public pool in Reykjavik to soak in natural hot water drawn from nearby springs.”

    august 1969

    national geographic


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  10. ghostphotographs:

    Double Decker, 3.5”x5”

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